SEAI is encouraging homeowners to take steps towards a warmer comfortable home this winter

  • SEAI launch new campaign urging homeowners to ‘discover a whole new world of comfort’ with a home energy upgrade
  • Over 450,000 homes in Ireland have already been upgraded with help from SEAI’s Government funded grants
  • With an estimated 50% of Irish homes reaching a BER rating of ‘D’ or lower, Irish homeowners are currently losing out on comfort and savings

As we prepare for the colder winter months SEAI has launched a new campaign to encourage homeowners to invest in home energy upgrades. Doing this will give you a warmer, cosier home, with lower energy bills and significantly reduce your impact on the environment. SEAI provides a range of Government-funded home energy upgrade grants that make sure it is easier than ever before to improve the comfort of your home.

According to Declan Meally, Director of Business and Public Sector with SEAI:

“Over 450,000 families in Ireland will enjoy a warmer, cosier, more energy efficient home this winter having already begun their home energy upgrade journey with the support of SEAI. As we head into the winter, now is the perfect time for people to upgrade their home and enjoy a whole new world of comfort.”
Declan Meally, Director of Business and Public Sector, SEAI

SEAI recommends that homeowners considering a home energy upgrade start with a Building Energy Rating or BER assessment, carried out by a SEAI registered assessor. The assessor will prepare a personalised advisory report for your home setting out the necessary upgrades to bring it up to the modern efficiency and comfort standards.

Declan Meally continued:

“Once you get your personalised advisory report you will know exactly what your home needs. You’ll also have a broad idea on the cost of the upgrade and the grants available to help fund the works.”
Declan Meally, Director of Business and Public Sector, SEAI

There are a range of Government-funded home energy upgrade grants available through SEAI. These provide up to 30% of the overall cost of works on a variety of energy upgrades. Homeowners can apply for individual grants for insulation, heating controls, heat pumps and solar panels. The grants are fixed amounts ranging from €400 up to €6000 depending on the works to be undertaken and the size of house. Alternatively, homeowners can avail of the one stop shop service currently being offered by several companies. These one stop shops will manage the whole process, including grant application and works on behalf of homeowners. SEAI also offers free home energy upgrades to qualifying homeowners in receipt of certain social welfare benefits.

Homeowners who invest in a home energy upgrade feel the benefits almost immediately. Cormac Madden upgraded his South County Dublin home in 2016.

Commenting on his experience, Cormac said:

“We did this because we wanted to move away from fossil fuels and lower our carbon emissions. We thought the house was fairly warm previously, but it would get cold if you turned the heating off. Now it’s always warm and there are no draughts either. We have a constant, comfortable temperature inside and it doesn’t matter what’s going on outside. I’m glad we’ve done it now because our sons are still living with us and it won't be long before they go, so they've benefited from it too.”
Cormac Madden

Cormac shares his home energy upgrade story on the upcoming season of SEAI’s podcast, 180 Degrees.

Today, SEAI launched a new advertising campaign to raise awareness of home energy upgrades and the range of Government funded grants available to homeowners to assess, insulate and add renewable technologies as appropriate to their home. The ‘Discover a Whole New World of Comfort’ campaign is running across TV, radio, print and digital.

For more information on home energy upgrades visit here.