Episodes four, five and six feature Rachel Dempsey, founder of Full Circle Change, Professor John Sweeney, Emeritus Professor of Geography at the NUI Maynooth and Dr. Lorna Gold, Environmental Activist and Author. The latest series explores diverse perspectives on delivering comprehensive climate action and what the future might hold

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) recently launched the fourth series of their 180 Degrees podcast which explores the urgency of climate action with Ireland’s leading climate visionaries.

Episode four features Rachel Dempsey, founder of Full Circle Change, who talks about her experience of supporting people to turn eco-anxiety to eco-resilience. Jim and Rachel also discuss the roots of the climate crisis, the youth movement, climate anxiety and indigenous wisdom on climate.

In episode five, Jim Scheer, Head of Data and Insights at SEAI and host of the latest series talks to Professor John Sweeney, Emeritus Professor of Geography at the NUI Maynooth and one of Ireland’s prominent climate scientists about Ireland’s energy and climate targets, and the chances of meeting them by 2030.

Episode six features Dr. Lorna Gold, Environmental Activist and established Author with a range of research on public policy and climate change. Lorna and Jim discuss the importance of mobilising faith communities and how we can scale up our climate action.

Every day at SEAI, we work with citizens, communities, businesses, and public bodies, helping them to reduce their fossil fuel use and move to more climate-conscious ways of living and working. In the final episodes of our fourth season, listeners hear about three crucial elements in the climate action story through the discussion of eco-resilience, data and science and the importance of engaging all communities. Through the podcast, listeners can learn new and practical ways of implementing climate action within their own lives.
Jim Scheer, Podcast host and Head of Data and Insights at SEAI

Season four of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s (SEAI) 180 Degrees podcast explores the challenges we collectively face in delivering meaningful climate action. Each episode features one of Ireland’s leading climate visionaries telling their stories of how they became involved in the climate, environment and sustainable energy space as well as their hopes for the future.  It will inspire listeners to look at their everyday decisions and the impact these will have on our climate and the wellbeing of future generations. The discussions also provide some practical tools and solutions we need to tackle climate change together.

The 180 Degrees podcast is available on all major podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, just search ‘180 Degrees’. Episodes 1-5 are available now, with the final episode six dropping on the 21st September. To join the conversation online, use the hashtag #180degrees. To subscribe to the series, visit, https://www.seai.ie/podcast/