The strategy sets a path for the Authority tasked with delivering the necessary change in how we use energy in our homes, communities, workplaces and on the roads.

SEAI launched its new Statement of Strategy 2022-2025 entitled ‘Delivering Ireland’s Energy Revolution’. This comes at a vitally important time for the authority and the country. Against a backdrop of ever-increasing climate action ambition and the unprecedented global challenge of energy security, the strategy sets a path for the Authority tasked with delivering the necessary change in how we use energy in our homes, workplaces and on the roads.

This strategy is our response to the challenges faced by society and the targets set by Government. It is firmly focused on delivery and driving the transformation that will ultimately benefit all of society. It is exciting and ambitious and demonstrates the important role SEAI has to play in the coming years. The ongoing and heart-breaking war in Ukraine continues to highlight the cost and security of supply implications of Ireland’s high reliance on imported fossil fuels. This further underpins the urgency of our energy transition.
Dermot Byrne , SEAI Chairman

The Strategy lays out the pathway for SEAI to achieve its targets in areas like home upgrades, supporting businesses and the public sector, increasing the uptake of electric vehicles and the phasing out of fossil fuels across the economy. This will be informed by the strong research and analysis functions of SEAI and underpinned by robust corporate governance structures. The strategy also commits SEAI to wider communications, deeper collaborations and more engagement and support for staff as the organisation grows.

Ireland is already in the midst of a revolution in how we live and work. We are changing how Ireland sources and uses energy. We are replacing fossil fuels to make homes more comfortable, businesses more efficient and transport cleaner. This revolution requires fundamental change across all aspects of Irish society. Our programmes have already had a huge impact but in time will transform how everyone uses energy. The strategy allows us to plan for this and stay at the forefront of innovative technology and research, while communicating and collaborating at a scale much greater than ever before. It will enable us to help everyone understand energy and to conserve and manage their use of it. It is an exciting time for us as an organisation and we want to encourage everyone to engage with us, speak to us and be part of the change.
William Walsh, CEO, SEAI