SEAI is advising homeowners that summertime is an ideal time to service their boiler and save at least 5% on heating costs later in the year.

Heating accounts for two-thirds of our annual home energy bills so it’s an easy way to reduce costs and make savings that will help both our pockets and the environment. Having your oil or gas boiler serviced once a year will make sure it runs more efficiently. This could dramatically lower your running costs when the system is in full use during the colder months.

We can all see how war and conflict are affecting energy prices across Europe. It’s no different in Ireland and  we’re all looking for ways to cut our energy use. Now is an ideal time to prepare for the colder weather ahead by getting your home heating system serviced. This can make valuable savings, benefit the environment and make your heating system safer and more reliable. It’s win-win all the way.   Many householders are unfamiliar with their heating system settings. During a service is a great time to get advice from their plumber on your system and controls. One thing we can all do is lower our thermostats in living areas one degree to 20 degrees Celsius. This could deliver another 10% savings on your bill making it very worthwhile.
Tom Halpin, Head of Communications with SEAI