Compare electric vehicles with petrol and diesel to see how much you can save in annual costs and emissions.

A selection of grant eligible vehicles

  • NISSAN 30kWh Leaf (MY 2016)

    NISSAN 30kWh Leaf (MY 2016)

    Battery Electric

  • BMW Mini Cooper S E ALL4 PHEV Countryman

    BMW Mini Cooper S E ALL4 PHEV Countryman

    Plugin Hybrid Electric

  • NISSAN eNV200 - Evalia

    NISSAN eNV200 - Evalia

    Battery Electric

  • VOLKSWAGEN Golf Gte (MY 2017)

    VOLKSWAGEN Golf Gte (MY 2017)

    Plugin Hybrid Electric


This Comparison Tool is to be used for estimation purposes and assumes the use of standard driving cycles. Actual energy and CO2 savings will vary depending on daily driving cycles, driver behaviour, weather conditions, vehicle condition etc.