These results are based on your selected mileage and cars.

These results are based on your selected mileage only. To get a more personalised result you can edit the cars and add your own journeys.

Annual energy costs

If the graph does not appear for your chosen vehicle, it simply means the manufacturer has not supplied sufficient data to display the graph.

Mileage Selector

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Car Comparison

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Fuel Fuel {{car.formattedFuelType}}
Total Cost of Ownership Total Cost of Ownership €{{numberWithCommas(car.totalCostOfOwnership)}} N/A
Price Price €{{numberWithCommas(Math.round(car.retailPrice))}}
Annual Energy Cost Annual Energy Cost €{{numberWithCommas(car.annualEnergyCost)}} N/A
Electric Range Electric Range {{car.electricRange}} km N/A
Tailpipe Emissions Tailpipe Emissions {{car.tailPipeEmissions}} g CO2/km N/A
Payload Capacity Payload Capacity {{numberWithCommas(car.payloadIncDriver)}} kg N/A
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This tool is for estimation purposes only and assumes the use of standard driving cycles. Actual energy and CO2 savings will vary depending on a number of factors. These include daily driving cycles, driver behaviour, weather conditions, and vehicle condition.