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Are you getting solar photovoltaic (PV) panels installed at your home? Have you asked all the necessary questions of your solar PV Company and/or Installer? If in doubt, check this out.

You’re making a great investment in your home by installing solar panels, which will generate renewable electricity and reduce your energy bills. We have prepared a helpful checklist for you to go through before you complete the process.

Solar PV company versus an installer

Before you start the installation process, make sure you know the difference between a Solar PV company versus an installer.

Your registered Solar PV Company is responsible for:

  • Ensuring a contract is in place with you.
  • To ensure best practice and that the works meet the required standards.
  • The works being carried out.
  • Arranging for a registered Solar PV Installer to carry out the works.
  • Uploading the completed documentation to the portal once works are completed. 


Your registered Solar PV Installer is responsible for:

  • Carrying out the installation.
  • Being the only person who is allowed to declare that the Solar PV installation meets the scheme requirements.
  • Completing the Declaration of Works form.

Questions to ask yourself before the works start:

  • Have you engaged a BER Assessor? A BER assessment must be carried out after the works are completed. This is a requirement for your grant application to be approved. Early engagement with a BER assessor will help speed up the progression of your grant application and payment.
  • Have you reviewed the bank details you have provided and make sure they are correct? Correcting mistakes at this stage will save any potential delays down the line.
  • Have you checked that the product that is being installed meets the minimum requirements of the scheme, especially the solar tiles and BIPV etc.? You should consult with your SPV company and obtain assurance that the installation fully meets the scheme requirements. Otherwise, it won’t be eligible for the SEAI grant.
  • Have you double checked your Letter of Offer and ensure it is in place before starting any works?
  • Is the property(s) residential (with a domestic MPRN), but is owned by a company/organisation? If so, please contact the SPV team prior to the creation of applications and commencement of works. OMC (Owner Management Company) applications can only be created by the OMC unit or the associated PMA (Property Management Agency), with written authorisation from the OMC. You will need to contact our SPV team on solarpv@seai.ie or 018082004 before creating an application to retrieve the forms required to apply.
  • Is there a possibility that your MPRN could be a non-domestic one? We would recommend that you verify this with your electricity provider. The Solar PV scheme is specifically for residential properties with domestic MPRNs. If yours is a non-domestic MPRN it will not be eligible for the Solar PV scheme but may be eligible for the Non-Domestic Microgen scheme, see our website (https://www.seai.ie/business-and-public-sector/business-grants-and-supports/commercial-solar-pv/ ) for further info.
What is a BER? Watch our video

Installation day:

Ask these questions on the day of installation.

  • Have you confirmed with your chosen Company that they and the installer are registered on the day of installation?
  • Ensure the SPV Company specified in your Letter of Offer is the same SPV Company carrying out the works. If you have since changed to a different company, you need to contact the SPV team prior to the commencement of the installation.
  • Confirm the size of the system you are installing on the day of installation reflects what is in your Letter of Offer. If you are installing a bigger size, you will need to contact the helpdesk prior to commencing the works. If you are installing a smaller size, there is no need to contact the helpdesk.

Please note: The Grant offer once accepted is only payable in respect of the measure(s) contained in the application and referenced in the grant offer. Any scope changes in terms of the size, type of installation and/or selected company, must receive prior approval from SEAI. Scope changes not notified and approved by SEAI will not be eligible for payment.

And finally, please be mindful of the below points as you proceed:

  1. Check the company carrying out your installation is the company referenced in your Letter of Offer. If you need to change the company, you will need to contact the helpdesk to cancel your existing application and reapply with the correct company. This can only be done if the works have not started. Please note: A change of company will require cancellation of your application and the creation of a new one, nominating the new company. Where the grant amounts have changed in the meantime, you will be eligible for the grant amount in effect at the time of creating the new application.
  2. Cancelling your grant application for whatever reason can have significant knock-on effects. Please note: Applicants are eligible for the grant amounts that are in effect at the time of application i.e. if you cancel an application and then recreate a new application, and the grant amounts have changed in the meantime, you will be eligible for the grant amount in effect at the time of creating the new application and not those that were in effect at the time of the original application.
  3. We can only pay grants to bank accounts in the applicant’s name (your name) or the company’s name.
  4. Once documentation is uploaded, you will be able to view these when you log into your portal. There you can download a copy and save to your device.
  5. Ask your chosen Company to upload the documentation as soon as possible after installation, ideally with 3-5 days.
  6. The scheme is available for all eligible residential properties however where the properties are owned by a company/organisation there are additional authorisation forms which are required.
  7. Your grant will expire after 8 months.
  8. We can only review grant applications for payment once all documentation is uploaded and the post works BER is published.

If you have any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Solarpv@seai.ie or 01 8082004.

We hope that you enjoy your new solar PV panels and reap the rewards of renewable energy and lower energy costs.

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