Through this programme, SEAI partners with public bodies to achieve their retrofit goals. We do this by building capacity and knowledge within the sector.

A programme built on partnerships

SEAI's Pathfinder programme was set up in 2017. It builds on years of cooperation with forward-thinking public bodies to improve their energy performance and reach their targets.

Increasing ambition

Year on year, the Pathfinder programme has increased its ambition to deliver sustainable solutions to public sector bodies. Following the programme's initial success, we are now trialling deeper retrofit and renewable heat solutions. This approach focuses on tackling decarbonisation of thermal demand towards our 2030 targets and sets a pathway towards net zero in 2050.

Creating positive impact

The programme's impact can be felt across the public, public sector, industry, academia, and the non-domestic supply chain. They include:

  • Reduced energy and CO2 emissions
  • Increased comfort and indoor air quality
  • Enhanced understanding of retrofit solutions
  • Upskilling professionals and contractors in retrofit
  • Peer-to-peer best practice exchange
  • Lessons learned through pioneering approaches
  • Strategic plans which scale ambition
  • Testing innovative procurement and finance

Our Pathfinder Partners

  • Department of Education
  • Health Service Executive
  • Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science and the Higher Education Authority
  • Office of Public Works

How we work together

The programme adopts a holistic approach to improving the energy performance of public bodies and sectors. Initially, we work with our partners to identify and remove barriers and gaps to achieving their energy saving and carbon reduction targets. We then help them to:

  • Increase their levels of activity
  • Pilot approaches to retrofit challenges
  • Apply learnings to deliver best practice solution

Project delivery approach

All of SEAI's partnerships follow a five-step, best practice approach to project delivery. Through this journey we work with partners to:

  1. Identify objectives for the sector addressing stakeholder and operational needs
  2. Define the technical requirements and develop sustainable solutions
  3. Provide capital and energy performance contracting support
  4. Gather insights and key learnings to share across the public and commercial sectors
  5. Assess needs of the supply chain and developing capability