Register for SEAI’s EV fleet trials and see how an EV can work for your business while saving you money and lowering emissions.

EV Commercial Fleet Trials

The EV Commercial Fleet Trial is a pilot scheme run by SEAI to give businesses an opportunity to trial a battery electric vehicle (BEV) for a maximum of one year. This trial will allow businesses real world experience of having an EV on their fleet and showcase the cost and emission savings that EVs represent.

How it works

  • SEAI will lease 50 BEVs, 30 M1 category vehicles and 20 N1 category vehicles for a period of 12 months. 
  • This fleet trial will be demand led. Each business will receive one EV for 3 months minimum and potentially up to 12 months depending on applications received.
  • SEAI are now looking for companies to register their interest in participating in this pilot scheme.

Who should apply

Businesses from all sectors can register their interest including small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), public sector bodies and large business.  Each applicant will be asked to nominate the category of vehicle they are interested in trialling.

Once the vehicle has been returned from placement with a participating business, SEAI will gather the vehicle analytic data. The vehicle analytic data will inform and provide user cases for the savings made during the trial.  No location or personal information will be collected.  Please note this is a key part of the trial.

Register your interest

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