Drive significant cost savings and make a positive impact on climate by switching to a biomass heating system. Find out how.

  • Cheaper

    Biomass is cheaper than some fossil fuels.
  • Carbon tax

    Biomass fuels are renewable which means carbon tax is not applied.
  • Supports

    Our Support Scheme for Renewable Heat supports the use of biomass.

Reduce carbon tax

Using less carbon-based fuel could mean paying less carbon tax. See your business' potential tax savings if they were to switch to biomass heating. Savings are calculated based on a carbon tax cost of €20 per tonne of CO2, as of May 2019.

500 2047 2570
750 30713855
1000 40945140
1250 51186425
1500 61417710
1750 71658995
2000 818810280

Lower costs

Choosing biomass to heat your business could lead to lower fuel costs and savings in business operations. Discover how much your business can save when switching from oil or gas.

Start saving

More biomass heating benefits

Biomass heating has further advantages. It can also support:

Corporate social responsibility

Biomass heating can help your workplace reduce its carbon footprint. This can create a marketable opportunity. Many businesses have publicised their internal sustainability efforts.

Local employment

Biomass fuels are typically provided by local supply chains. Choosing biomass heating could therefore lead to more rural employment.

International efforts against climate change 

Ireland has committed to reducing its carbon emissions. By using biomass heating, your business can help contribute.

More and more customers are green aware. They are looking for hotels that are working on a sustainability plan for the future.
Bill Kelly, Managing Director of Kelly’s Resort Hotel

Before you switch

It is important to be aware of these factors when switching to biomass fuel. Businesses should talk to suppliers or look at similar installations to establish what the costs might be.