Biogas boilers and CHP heating systems can generate renewable heat from any organic feedstock or waste.

Why switch to a biogas boiler?

What is biogas

Biogas is a mixture of gases containing mainly methane and carbon dioxide. Biogas is produced from the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) of biodegradable organic materials in the absence of oxygen.

Additional benefits of using biogas

Biogas can be produced from organic waste which is has many environmental benefits

  • reduces load on the landfills
  • helps in sustainable disposal of waste
  • helps develop a local bioeconomy
  • reduces emissions especially from the agricultural sector

How does biogas generate energy?

Biogas can be used to produce energy in the following ways-

  • Combustion in a biogas boiler to produce heat
  • Combustion in a gas engine to produce power and heat
  • Upgrading the biogas to biomethane which is pressurised and injected into the gas network or used as a fuel to run vehicles.

Factors to consider

For inhouse biogas generation, businesses should consider how they will manage feedstock, digestate and the design of the facility.


The quantity and type of available feedstock affects the choice of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility.


The site must be suitable for handling the feedstock and digestate.

Technical design

The technical design of the facility will affect costs and performance, the estimated biogas yield, and the decision of generate electricity and heat for local consumption or to sell.

Digestate management

It is essential to be able to estimate how much digestate will be produced and how it could benefit the farm as a fertiliser.


The capital and operating costs should be considered in balance with the savings to the farm from producing its own energy and fertiliser. The revenues generated from the sale of excess electricity or heat should also be considered.

What's the cost of switching to biogas?

The cost for buying biogas varies depending on suppliers. The capital cost of a biogas boiler is similar to a natural gas boiler. However, you may need additional space for a compressed canister.

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