In advance of the launch, SEAI are making the future Triple E Eligibility Criteria that have been developed available for preview.

The Triple E programme has commenced improvement works aimed at a better experience for product purchasers and registrants. The quality of the register is the primary focus, and with this in mind SEAI is progressing the following initiatives:

  • An update of product criteria in 22 technologies.
  • Working with product registrants to identify where ageing products should be updated.
  • Development of an improved IT platform and product registration portal.
  • Activation of new criteria in the new IT platform, with associated review of existing products against these criteria,

Work is in progress on steps 1,2 and 3 above, and SEAI looks forward to communicating with stakeholders as these initiatives near completion.

Whilst we work on a new IT platform for Triple E where the new criteria will become operational, we would like to share with our stakeholders a preview of the future direction of our criteria. This is shared to help purchasers understand what will be considered best-in-class products, as well as manufacturers and suppliers to learn if their products could qualify for the updated Triple E register.

These will support individuals and organisations involved in:

  • Production, distribution and sale of efficient/low or no emissions products
  • Public procurement
  • Commercial procurement
  • Green financing

Future criteria FAQs

The following works have been carried out during the criteria update:

  • Each technology area that was identified for review was updated by SEAI ‘s technical expert panel.
  • The proposed criteria that were produced in this phase were presented to the public in a stakeholder engagement process during 2022.
  • Feedback was incorporated where appropriate after this process to arrive at the final criteria.

The work required to activate the new criteria is progressing, of which a key requirement is the provision of a new Triple E IT platform and product registration portal. This new platform will be launched together with the new criteria.

SEAI will provide updates on delivery during 2024 as works progress on the new platform.

Review old products

As a first step, the Triple E team will be in touch with some registrants to review legacy products they may have in the register. This provides an opportunity to remove older products and potentially replace these with new more efficient products.

Familiarize with new requirements

In advance of the new eligibility criteria going live, registrants who have existing products in the Triple E register which they wish to retain should review their products and documentation against the requirements of the new criteria.

Add products to the register

SEAI will launch a process to request new supporting documentation for existing registered products against the new eligibility criteria. This activity will be processed via  the new Triple E platform when it is operational.. Where products no longer meet criteria, they will be removed.

Registrants can also take advantage of the opportunity for their new products to be assessed and added to the register.

Triple E Updates

To keep you updated on the progress of the project and to give you a little more insight, we recommend that you read our Blog to follow Triple E updates.