Log in to your existing account or create a new account to register products for Triple E.

Steps to register a product

See the steps below for registering products on the Triple E product register.

Step 1: Check the register

Check if the product has already been published on the Triple E register. If there is more than one supplier, the manufacturer or main agent should submit the product details and list suppliers.

Step 2: Understand the technology criteria

Ensure products meet the technology criteria, and that you understand the supporting documentation. You must have products available to supply within 5 working days of a request from SEAI once you have submitted them.

Step 3: Create a Triple E account

You then need to create a Triple E account. Click on the create account button and complete the online form. You will then receive an email requiring you to confirm your registration and validate your account. Information provided during registration is linked to published products.

Two types of account
  • Primary account - the first Triple E account created for an organisation
  • Secondary account - if there is already an account for your organisation, multiple secondary accounts can be created

If your company is listed in the dropdown menu, you should create a secondary account. Otherwise you should create a primary account. An email address can only be used to create an account once.

Unable to log into your Triple E account?
  • If you no longer have access to your company’s account or the main account holder has left the company, please contact us at triplee@seai.ie to update your details.
  • If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Your Password” link at the bottom of the Login box. A new password will be sent to your email address. The account will be locked if you incorrectly submit your password 3 times, and you will need to email us to have it unlocked.

Step 4: Submit basic product details

Submit the basic details of your product using the online submission process. No technical documentation is required at this stage.

Step 5: Submit documentation

Once the product details are checked, we will email a request for supporting documentation. This must be uploaded through your Triple E account within 5 working days. Details of documentation needed is in the appendix of each technology criteria document. Documentation may not be required for all product submissions. Alternatively, we may need additional documentation if product evidence is insufficient.

Step 6: Successful product listing

At the end of each submission round, we send the list of successfully checked products to the DCCAE. They authorise and publish in a Statutory Instrument before updating the Triple E register. This update can take 8 weeks after the close of the submission round.

Contact us

Email triplee@seai.ie