• 2.5%

    Reduction in electricity energy usage
  • 50%

    Reduced expanded polystyrene waste
  • 1.3m litres

    Water saving through metering

Measures introduced to save energy, cut waste production and reduce expenditure

KORE is a manufacturer of high-quality expanded polystyrene for the Irish and UK markets. Based in Kilnaleck, Co.Cavan, they have a 45,000 square foot facility that has been in operation since 1997. Their energy solutions include insulated foundation systems, cavity wall insulation, external wall insulation, floor insulation, roof and attic insulation, ventilation and expanded polystyrene for civil engineering applications.

KORE engaged with an external organisation to perform a full energy audit and spoke with expert consultants for advice on lean manufacturing and internal policies. A number of projects were identified that would have the most impact on maximising energy efficiency.

KORE decided to manage the project themselves  and sought  funding from SEAI to help offset the costs for the energy efficiency upgrades.

Project Details

  • Activities included energy efficiency upgrades, implementing a lean manufacturing process, load optimisation, waste reduction and segregation, transport and route planning; as well as new health and safety initiatives.
  • Installed a new Byworth Boiler and Unity Advanced Boiler Control System.
  • Installed a heat pump system for the office space.
  • Rolled out EcoDrive training for staff.
  • Upgraded to LED lighting and metering.
  • Implemented lean manufacturing - reorganised the expanded polystyrene manufacturing equipment and cutting lines on the factory floor, added extra silos for storage of materials, implemented additional expanded polystyrene recycling machines and a zero-waste policy.
  • Policies - Implementing ISO 14001 2015 certification, ISO 45001:2018, full energy audit and SEAI Energy Map training.
  • Community Initiatives – Planting 150 trees around the factory, monitoring  steam emissions to ensure there are no pollutants and monitoring  noise pollution to keep it at minimum levels.

Key achievements

Energy and Water Use

The results included a 2.5% reduction in electricity energy usage. New target now set at  5%. The introduction of route planning for transport of products saw KORE increase products delivered per route by 10%.

The introduction of water metering enabled KORE to identify problems and leaks, saving 1.3 million litres of water.

Waste Reduction

In terms of sustainability, KORE reduced expanded polystyrene waste by 50%. They did this by segregating white and grey material.

This reduced the amount of waste compacted and increased the amount of material recycled by 75 tonnes while also saving 11,000kWh per year and €112,500 in costs. Waste segregation also reduced the number of skips from 12 to 2 per year resulting in €2,010 in savings.

We recommend undertaking an energy audit and energy mapping as there is a high potential for cost savings and energy efficiency savings. We also recommend working with project managers who are familiar with SEAI grant schemes, and where possible using contractors who are also familiar with SEAI grant schemes, policies and deadlines. Take advantage of the grants and incentives available to businesses to help reduce the out of pocket costs associated with energy efficiency upgrades. With the proper planning and implementation, the return on investment can be realised quickly.
Noel Brady, Managing Director.