The Renewable Electricity Support Scheme aims to promote the generation of electricity from renewable sources by providing financial support to renewable electricity projects in Ireland. We are here to support Communities who want to get involved.

Overview of RESS

The Renewable Electricity Support Scheme has been designed to promote investment in renewable energy generation in Ireland. Ireland has set a target of 70% renewable electricity, and an EU-wide renewable energy target of 32%, by 2030. This competitive auction based, cost effective framework will help us achieve these targets.

In addition RESS will help deliver

  • Community ownership and partnership and
  • Increased renewable technology diversity

RESS Auctions

RESS auctions will be held at frequent intervals throughout the lifetime of the scheme. These auctions will be designed in line with trajectory targets identified in Ireland's National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP).

Supporting Communities

Here at SEAI, we are offering support to our existing Community Network members on their journey to bid in the Community category of RESS auctions. We will help you navigate your way through the application.

We will be your point of contact for any queries on the community ownership and partnership aspect only.

For RESS queries related to non-community queries, you can contact Department of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment (DCCAE) or Eirgrid.

Community aspects of RESS

There are two aspects of community participation in RESS 1.

  1. Community-Led Projects
  2. Community Benefit Fund

Community-Led Projects

Community-led projects can apply for RESS if they meet the following criteria:

  • Part of a Sustainable Energy Community (SEC)
  • Project size is maximum 5MW
  • Majority ownership (51%) - primary purpose is community benefit (environmental, economic or social) rather than financial profit. (The other 49% can be motivated by profit.); The Declaration of Community-Led Project must identify the SEC and the relationship between the Applicant and the SEC
  • Open Access
  • Participation based on local domicile

An application for a Community-Led Project must be made in conjunction with a Sustainable Energy Community member. The SEC must be identified in the Declaration of Community-Led Project, together with a description of the relationship between the Applicant and the Sustainable Energy Community.

Note: these criteria are based on the terms and conditions of RESS-1 and may be subject to changes under future auctions.

Community Benefit Fund

A mandatory Community Benefit Fund must be provided by all projects successful in a RESS auction. The contribution is to be set at €2/MWh. The Fund will be aligned to incentivise investment in local renewable energy, energy efficiency measures and climate action initiatives.The community benefit fund under RESS-1 will deliver approximately €4.5million a year to sustainable community initiatives targeted at those communities living in close proximity to the RESS-1 Projects.  

Expression of interest

Is your Community a member of the SEAI Sustainable Energy Community Network? If yes, and you have any queries on the community aspect of the RESS auction, please complete our expression of interest form and we will be in touch.

If you are not a member of the Network, please join today and then we can support you on your RESS journey.

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