SEAI are delighted to partner with Early Childhood Ireland to bring the Guzzler energy programme to pre-school children.

This programme has been designed to help pre-school children develop an understanding about energy and sustainability which in turn helps to foster a relationship with the environment. The values built as children stay with them for the rest of their lives. The earlier we involve children in these important issues the more likely they are to be empowered citizens in the future.

Order storybook on energy and climate change: Guzzler's Party

Guzzler’s Party

Guzzler is a friendly energy guzzling character who lives in Aoife’s wardrobe. This illustrated storybook is aimed at infant classes in primary schools but is also suitable for shared reading in ECCE classes. The book shows lots of actions that the children can take to reduce their energy use, giving them practical ways to take climate action. Also available in Irish.

Guzzler's Party coloring

This book, aimed at teachers, accompanies the Big Book with SESE activities and investigations for older and afterschool children.  Also available in Irish (online only)

How to order free books for your pre-school

E-mail to request a book, don't forget your contact details.

It is a good book and because of its size it is easy to read to a large group, everyone can see the pages. 
Bansha Preschool

Guzzler's lesson plan

An online tip sheet has been developed for younger children with important messages about sustainability that can be named and discussed with children.

We have developed a lesson plan in line with the Aistear curriculum. These are designed to be used in conjunction with Guzzler’s Big Book on Energy. The lessons can be done in one day or spread over a few days or weeks. They contain suggestions of other activities to keep the energy theme running through the year. This would be suitable for older and after school children.

Preschools experience with Guzzler

SEAI were delighted to award a Guzzler puppet to 10 preschools who submitted an inspired practice piece about their experience using the resources and how the children interacted with the lesson plans. Download below the pieces submitted by 4 preschools for some inspiration.

Bocan Community Creche

See how this creche is saving money with their energy upgrades.

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SEAI Energy Upgrade at Bocan Community Creche

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