Our live demos and electric vehicle test drives are a big draw. They give you the opportunity to experience the latest technologies and see best practice in action.

Electric vehicle test drives

Get behind the wheel of the latest electric cars on the Irish market. These test drives are ideal if you are considering changing your business vehicles or fleet to electric. It's also a good opportunity to check out the leading electric cars on the market.


Best Practice Demo Arena

Don't miss this opportunity to see industry experts demonstrate best practice in building retrofit.

The live demos use actual built models and include the installation of various types of wall and roof insulation, solar technologies, heat pumps and ventilation. 

Lighting Pavilion

Take an in-depth look at how the right lighting solution can save your business money. The Lighting Association Ireland (LAI) will present a demonstration of practical lighting solutions in our specially built Lighting Pavilion where you will see: 

  • Dynamic, purpose-designed lighting demonstrations illustrating a number of key innovative concepts.
  • A showcase of lighting products and systems by exhibitors.

LAI represents all the leading lighting suppliers in Ireland and is recognised as the voice of the industry.



Find the businesses, customers, and people to help you grow. Networking is an essential part of The SEAI Energy Show.

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