Our live demos and electric vehicle test drives are a big draw. They give you the opportunity to experience the latest technologies and see best practice in action.

Electric vehicle test drives

Get behind the wheel of the latest electric cars on the Irish market. These test drives are ideal if you are considering changing your business vehicles or fleet to electric. It's also a good opportunity to check out the leading electric cars on the market.


Best Practice Demo Arena

Don't miss this opportunity to see industry experts demonstrate best practice in building retrofit.

The Best Practice Demonstration Arena at the Energy Show is a major feature that brings to life all the concepts, theories and aspirations relating to deep retrofit, NZEB, sustainability, regulation compliance, and contracting excellence.

The demonstrations cover all the key elements of construction excellence with live presentations — using physical examples —  on fabric, insulation, heat pumps, hot water, ventilation, air-tightness and solar.

The presentations run at set times throughout both days of the show.


See our schedule and line up below:

Wednesday 29 March 2023Thursday 30 March 2023

Session 1  - 10.15 AM
Session 2  - 12:45 PM
Session 3  - 3.00 PM

Session 1  - 10:30 AM
Session 2  - 12:30 PM
Session 3  - 3.00 PM


Henry Sheahan, Chair, NIAI


SEAI Context Setting
Andrew Butler, KORE Insulation Cavity Bead Insulation Demo
Thermal Bridging Solutions Demo
External Wall Insulation Demo
Internal Wall Insulation Demo
David Brady, ISOVER Attic Insulation Demo
Pitched Roof Insulation
Jason Horrex, ISOVER Internal Wall & Roof Insulation Demo
Bill Quigley, nZEB Technologies

Air Tightness Demo

PV Solar Demo

Calin Tasnadi, Hevac Heat Pumps Demo
Chris Halligan, Lindab Mechanical Ventilation Demo

Lighting Pavilion

Take an in-depth look at how the right lighting solution can save your business money.

The LAI (Lighting Association of Ireland) Lighting Pavilion will have more emphasis this year on lighting systems and products that are truly sustainable and focus on driving the EU objectives of circularity, re-use, wellness, human-centric lighting, repair and retrofit. The importance of controls will also be highlighted, along with accreditation and regulatory compliance.

An additional feature will include a working demonstration of 3D printing for lighting products, and the use of more natural materials such as paper and wood for light fittings.

The overall theme will centre on the recently-published CIBSE lighting Guide TM66 – Creating a Circular Economy in the Lighting Industry. This new CIBSE Technical Memorandum seeks to identify the extent of current knowledge and provide a framework for action and assessment with regard to sustainability and circularity for all within the lighting industry.


Find the businesses, customers, and people to help you grow. Networking is an essential part of The SEAI Energy Show.

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