Our live demos are a big draw. They give you the opportunity to experience the latest technologies and see best practice in action.

Best Practice Demo Arena

The Best Practice Demonstration Arena at the Energy Show is a major feature that brings to life all the concepts, theories and aspirations relating to deep retrofit, NZEB, sustainability, regulation compliance, and contracting excellence.

The demos cover all the key elements of construction excellence with live presentations on fabric, insulation, heat pumps, hot water, ventilation, air-tightness and solar. The presentations run at set times throughout both days of the show.

When demos will take place

Wednesday 20 MarchThursday 21 March

Session 1: 10.15am
Session 2: 12:45pm
Session 3: 3pm

Session 1: 10:30am
Session 2: 12:30pm
Session 3: 3pm

Each session will include presentations from 11 speakers


Henry Sheahan, Chair, NIAI


SEAI Context Setting
Andrew Butler, KORE Insulation External Wall Insulation Demo
Internal Wall Insulation Demo

Andrew Rennie, Energy Store

Cavity Bead Insulation Demo
Thermal Bridging Solutions Demo
David Brady, ISOVER Attic Insulation Demo
Pitched Roof Insulation
Jason Horrex, ISOVER Internal Wall & Pitched Roof Insulation Demo
Andrew Rennie, Energy Store

Air Tightness Demo

Gerhard Hyel, PV Green

PV Solar Demo

April McHale, Daikin

David McConnell, Mitsubishi Electric

Heat Pumps Demo
Chris Halligan, Lindab Mechanical Ventilation Demo


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