Take action for your community energy project. See what grants and supports are available to support your goals.

Taking action

Once you have made an informed decision on the best energy project for your community, you can identify grants or supports to help you achieve it. We will guide SECs in their application for any SEAI grants if they choose to apply.

Communities grant

The SEAI Communities grant 2020 will open for applications late 2019. Please see our Community grants page for more information.

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SEC Network Funding Resource Database

Financial support: State bodies

Funding Source Funding Title Purpose of Fund Weblink
EPA Green Enterprise Grant aid provided to demonstration type projects by organisations that produce goods and provide services in more environmentally friendly ways EPA
Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher Funding towards collaborating with registered college or knowledge provider to explore a business opportunity or technical problem Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise Ireland Green Start Grant support towards hiring an Environmental consultant/trainer to undertake in-company assessment Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Funds Targeted to researchers in third level institutions, non-profit research agencies and organisations Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership Grant Programme Grant aid providing up to 80% of the cost of research work to develop new and improve products, processes, services or generate new knowledge Enterprise Ireland
The Heritage Council Heritage Council 'Community Heritage Grant' Funding can go to voluntary, community and non-governmental organisations. Heritage Council
LEO Priming Grants These grants are for sole traders, partnerships, community or limited companies to develop their businesses LEO
LEO Microfinance Loans Small finance loans available LEO
NTMA SBCI Investment and Working Capital Loans Available through BOI and AIB loans; long term focused on SME companies NTMA
NTMA Ireland Strategic Investment Fund Investments in projects, companies and funds with Irish activities and potential for significant expansion, innovation, and value improvement NTMA
NTMA SDCL - Ireland Energy Efficiency Fund Energy efficiency funding for larger projects NTMA

Financial support: Other bodies

Funding SourceFunding TitlePurpose of FundWeblink
Community Finance Ireland

Community Finance Ireland

Provides loans exclusively to other third sector organisations Community Finance
Pobal Rural Social Scheme Provides services of benefit to rural communities by harnessing the skills and talents available among low-income farmers and fisherpersons, and income support to low income farmers and fisherpersons Pobal
Pobal Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme Aimed at addressing poverty and disadvantage in Ireland Pobal
CEDRA REDZ The allocation of €2 million euro will fund pilots on a regional basis  
LEADER LEADER grants Funds projects that enlist people who could contribute to rural development by forming partnerships at a sub-regional level  
The Ireland Funds The Ireland Funds Invests in local communities by supporting initiatives that will benefit the community

The Ireland Funds


Science Foundation Ireland Spoke Programme Funds research partnerships between industrial and academic partners SFI
Social Innovation Fund Ireland ANIMATE Funds early stage projects that address health or social issues Social Innovation Fund
Social Innovation Fund Ireland THINKTECH Supports the most innovative, technology-driven solutions to Ireland’s critical social issues Social Innovation Fund
Community Finance Ireland Loan A charity which provides loans exclusively to other third sector organisations Community Finance Ireland
Clann Credo Social Finance Delivers resources to communities and enterprises overlooked by conventional outlets, ensuring all investments produce a social gain or benefit Clann Credo
ISI Centre Green Bonds The ISI Centre is partnering with the Climate Bond Initiative which assists governments and companies fund climate-change solutions  
NDRC Grants for Startups / Tech Accelerators Provides funding and mentorship to tech-based SECs / companies NDRC

Capital Grants, Employment Grants, R&D Grants, Training

Financial incentives to encourage companies to invest in certain new activities IDA
Various Banks & Credit Unions Private Loans Some banks and credit unions are offering low-interest 'green loans' in partnership with SEAI for retrofit works Progressive CU
NuTech Renewables In-Kind: Support Support and advice to communities and non-profit distributing organisations who are planning on installing renewable heating systems NuTech Renewables
REIL REIL Potentially provide bridging finance REIL
EPS Group EPS Group Provider of water, wastewater treatment, and plumbing; potentially give grants EPS
Eirgrid or Energy Providers Eirgrid Demand Side Unit Scheme Payment to temporarily switch off non-essential power or make independent standby power generators available at times when there is increased demand on the grid (4MW off grid to deal with Eirgrid) Eirgrid
The Wheel-Support and Representation for Community and Voluntary Organisations Fundingpoint Ireland's largest funding grant database to gain access to over 800 grants Wheel

Financial support: International

Funding Source Funding TitlePurpose of FundTotal Fund AmountWeblink
EU LIFE Fund for projects focusing on environment and resource efficiency or climate action 241m LIFE
EU European Regional Development Fund Fund covers 4 topics: innovation & research, the digital agenda, support for SMEs, and local carbon economy 1.19bn European Regional Development Fund
EU Interreg B (Transnational Cooperation) Focused on projects on resource efficiency, energy efficiency and sustainable communities Ireland can expect to get around €20-€50m Interreg B
EU Horizon 2020 Emphasis on excellent science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenges 80bn Horizon 2020

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