Using less energy and using clean renewable energy are the key steps in tackling climate change.


Climate change is significantly related to our use of energy. Carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, is released when we burn fossil fuels. These include coal, oil or gas, used to make electricity, or to heat our homes and workplaces. They are also used to drive cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Using less energy and using clean renewable energy are key steps in tackling climate change. Now is the time to decide. What choices can we make individually that collectively will have a big impact?

Energy used per sector

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Individual Impact

Everyday from the moment we get up, we are using energy. From taking a shower, to making breakfast, and travelling to work / school / college. We are constantly making decisions about how and where we use energy and for how long. Everyday, the decisions we make influence climate change. What can we do and where do we start. Many people still believe they can not make a difference. But you can.

Step 1. Simply reduce your energy use.

Becoming more energy efficient is key to reducing your impact. The less energy you use, the less energy that needs to be created in the first place. So efficiency first!

Step 2. Start at home

Did you know that approx 25% of the energy used in Ireland is used in our homes? This is a great place to start. We can all make a difference by making changes in how and where we use energy at home.


Start at home

Step 3. Consider how you travel

At around 40%, transport is the largest energy user in Ireland. Believe it or not, private cars account for about one fifth of all our energy use. Try to walk, cycle or use public transport where possible.

Save energy in transport

Community Impact

Communities across Ireland are already taking action. Climate change is a global problem and will take people working together to solve it. What communities do to tackle climate change comes down to the people who live there.

Step 1. Start conversations about climate change

You can also have a big impact by starting conversations with your family, friends and work colleagues. Help them make better energy decisions. If we all start to take these individual actions to reduce energy use, collectively we can make a huge difference.

Step 2. Get active in your community

If you think your community could benefit from getting involved in saving energy, consider joining our network of sustainable energy communities in Ireland. By working with others, you can create your own local movement. Learn from each other, motivate each other, and make a real difference for your community’s energy future.

What communities can do

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