Transport is the largest source of energy consumption in Ireland. Read our helpful tips on how you can save energy when you travel.

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Own your own car

Short journeys

If you own a petrol or diesel car, avoid using the car for short journeys. Try to walk, cycle or use public transport where possible.

Car pooling 

Where feasible, car pooling with neighbours, friends and family is a great idea. If you're planning a weekend away with friends, suggest travelling together.

Driving style

If you need to drive, then driving style can also impact on energy use. Here are some top driving tips for improving efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions:

  • Drive between 65-80 km/hr where safe and practical
  • Drive smoothly- harsh acceleration and braking can use up to 30% more fuel
  • Avoid idling
  • Remove unnecessary weights, e.g. roof boxes, bike racks
  • Keep tyres inflated to the correct pressure
  • Use air conditioning sparingly
  • Keep your engine regularly maintained

Switch to electric

If changing your car, why not consider an electric vehicle which is much cheaper to run and less harmful to the environment. We offer grants for new electric vehicles (EV) and home charge points. Coupled with VRT relief, this could save you up to €10,000 on the purchase cost. Electric cars are ideal for most drivers, in particular regular commuters. Many new models now have a driving range of up to 400km!

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