Does an electric vehicle work with your lifestyle? You might be surprised how suitable an EV is.

Driving at sunset

Choose the right range

Hybrids do not have any issue for overall driving range. However, battery electric vehicles come with variety of driving ranges. Longer ranges require larger and more powerful batteries, which comes a higher price. This is why it's good to understand your requirements and choose according to your needs.

What determines electric vehicle range?

  • Size of the battery
  • Battery capacity
  • Driving habits
  • Weather
  • Type of EV

EVs go further than you think

Electric vehicles can travel further on a single charge than many people travel each day.

  • Typical EV ranges go from 100km up to 500km
  • 80% of car journeys in Ireland cover distances of 20km or under
  • Most EV charging is done at home
  • There is a nationwide charging network ecars Charge Point Map

Your driving habits and needs

Assess your driving habits and needs to see if an EV suits you. Doing this will also help you choose a battery that is suitable to your needs. There is no point in driving around a battery that is too big and heavy for your requirements. Bigger, heavier batteries require more energy to move the vehicle.

Here are some questions to ask: