When it comes to electric vehicles: driving is believing.

Meet today's electric vehicles

If you still believe that electric vehicles aren't real cars, then you should look again. EV's look good, feel good and exhibit performance like few others. They combine fun and function.

Smooth running

An EV won't jolt you as you progress from first to sixth gear. Instead, a squeeze on the accelerator will effortlessly take you up to your desired speed. The automatic transmission means that the rate of change of speed is almost linear. So you can give your clutch foot a rest.

Superior interior trim

The interior of an EV often catches the eye of first time browsers. Car companies seem to be aiming for a discerning owner with options from leather and chrome to wood. High quality fabrics or leather trims are available in most EV's.

Highly spec'd for electronics

Electric vehicles often come with a very high electronics specification as standard. This may include advanced cruise control, SatNav and bluetooth. Charging timers allow you to tap into cheaper night rate electricity. Finally, heated seating and steering wheels are also frequently offered.


Many of the electric vehicles on the market offer a smartphone app so you can access them remotely. Apps can offer a number of functions, depending on your car:

  • Updates on the vehicle's charge status
  • Start or stop the charge when plugged into your home charge point
  • Remote heating and comfort control to allow preheating before you use the car
  • Manage your heating and charging schedule

Instant acceleration

While we all need to stick to safe driving speeds, it is good to know that when we need acceleration, it is ready. The electric motor drive means an electric vehicle's response to acceleration is up there with the best. You have almost instant access to power, with no loss. Compare this to other transmissions as you change from gear to gear.

Intelligent regeneration

Using our brakes to slow down for traffic lights and stop signs creates much of the energy loss in our vehicles. Electric vehicles reduce this loss by using the motor to slow down the car when you take your foot off the accelerator. The energy is sent back into the battery, in turn allowing an increased driving range. Many electric vehicles allow the driver to adjust the regeneration effect to suit their driving style.