This map was created to help identify the best locations of geothermal energy available in Ireland.


This map is aimed at identifying the potential resources of geothermal energy in Ireland, the data for which is provided by Geological Survey Ireland (GSI). The map will be particularly useful for people interested in assessing the geothermal potential at any location in Ireland, including researchers, consultants and decision-makers.

What you will find in this map

Geothermal Modelled Temperatures (degrees Celsius)

The Groundwater & Geothermal Unit in Geological Survey Ireland has produced a new suite of deep temperature maps for onshore Ireland. This short document is designed to present the maps and their metadata (describing how and why the maps were made) to the public. The maps will be available to view on the Geothermal Atlas and on Geological Survey Ireland’s online viewer in 2023. Six maps were produced using temperature data provided by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (J. Fullea. G.O.THERM.3D Providing a 3D Atlas of Temperature in Ireland's Subsurface, funded by the Irish Research Council and Geological Survey Ireland). The maps represent two dimensional slices through the crust at depths of 2 km, 2.5 km, 3 km, 3.5 km, 4 km and 5 km

GSI Vertical Closed Loop Suitability

Closed loop collectors are systems where heat is extracted from the ground, or cooling is gained. This happens by pumping a heat exchange fluid through closed pipes within the ground. The pipes can be installed in borehole(s) (vertical closed loop) or laid out horizontally (horizontal closed loop). This layer shows the suitability of this technology in any given area in the country.

GSI Open Loop Domestic Suitability

Open loop ground source heat systems operate by taking heat energy from abstracted groundwater using a heat pump. The volume of groundwater that can be abstracted from a borehole is known as the ‘yield’. This also applies to the volume taken from a spring each day. The yield determines the total amount of heat energy available. This determines the size of heat pump that can be used and the size of building that can be heated. This layer shows the suitability of this technology for domestic purposes in any given area in the country.

GSI Open Loop Commercial Suitability

This layer shows the suitability of the same technology listed above but for commercial purposes. Commercial entities would require a larger “yield” and systems in order to benefit from this technology. Therefore the suitability in any given area can be different to those looking to use it domestically.

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