A comprehensive overview of all hydro related energy production in Ireland.


This is a digital map of Ireland’s small-scale hydroelectric potential. This potential was identified in a 1985 Department of Energy report, “Small Scale Hydro Electric Potential of Ireland”. The map also shows all the EPA water features listed in Ireland.

This map was developed to provide a comprehensive overview of all hydro-related energy production in Ireland. The original small hydro data is from 1985. Most of this data is still correct today as hydro plants are long-term investments where the output rarely changes.

What you will find in this map

EPA water features

Displays all hydrometric gauges, rivers, streams, lakes, coastal waterbodies, transitional waterbodies and ground waterbodies listed by the EPA.


Displays all small-scale hydroelectric producers identified in the 1985 Department of Energy report “Small Scale Hydro Electric Potential of Ireland”. It also shows the catchment area, rainfall (mm), mean flow, head, potential and site rating. This is because the maximum hydro power potential for any site on a river is limited. It is directly proportional to the fall at that site and to the flow of the river. Consequentially, the information needed to estimate the hydro power at any site is based on two things. The height of the fall and the magnitude of river flows at that site.

Future improvements/additions

We plan to add a Large Hydro layer.

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