A map of Ireland’s wind energy resources providing detailed information on wind speeds and current windfarms.


SEAI’s Wind Atlas is a digital map of Ireland’s wind energy resources. It provides detailed information on wind speeds, current windfarms and other information important. This information is used in assessing the suitability of wind resources in specific areas.

The goal is to aid policy makers, local governments and community groups in the initial planning stages. Also, we want to educate developers and the general public on Ireland’s current wind resource environment.

It is important that we utilise the resources we have in the most practical and data driven way possible. This ensures we get the most out of this renewable resource. SEAI hopes to increase the usefulness of this atlas to a wider audience. This will help inform the public and educate our children about the nature and extent of Ireland’s wind energy resources.

What you will find in this map

The wind atlas for Ireland is calculated for different heights above ground level on a nationwide 100 metre grid basis.

  • The standard Atlas displays onshore wind speeds at 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150 metres above ground level, based on 2013 data.
  • The “Wind Speed Legacy” layer displays either onshore or offshore winds at 50, 75 or 100 metres above ground level, based on 2003 data.
  • The “Wind Farms” layer displays farms that are currently connected and providing power to the grid.
  • The Weibull layer is a distribution layer which shows the variation in wind speeds in a given area over time. This allows developers and local councils to get the very most out of the locations of their turbines.

The Wind Data Extract tool allows users to view either the wind speed or the wind direction. The information is provided for a given height for any specific point in the country. Information is based on 2006 data.

There is a search facility in the top left to search for windfarms, geographic locations etc. and the user can change the overall view of the map on the top right using the button. 

Future improvements/additions

  • Individual turbine layer
  • Contracted Wind Farms layer
  • Improved Wind data Extract tool
  • Wind Rose calculation tool
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