We monitor the compliance of products on the Irish market with EU energy labelling and ecodesign regulations. Learn more about our role, the legislations we follow and how to report non-compliance.

The EU Ecodesign Directive and the EU Energy Labelling Regulation contribute significantly to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They also provide a level playing field for economic operators and facilitate free movement of products within the EU Single Market.

The regulations cover many domestic, commercial, and industrial products including:

  • household and commercial appliances
  • building services products
  • IT-related products
  • lighting products
  • fans, motors and more

The main goal of the EU ecodesign and energy labelling is to set high standards of energy efficiency in the EU market, stimulating competition, encouraging innovation and creating a more sustainable economy and society.

Our role

As the Market Surveillance Authority (MSA) in Ireland, SEAI's role is to verify whether products sold in the EU follow the requirements laid out in EU regulations.These regulations include requirements around energy labelling, ecodesign and tyre labelling.

Our role as MSA includes the following:

  • promoting compliance – raising awareness and educating economic operators on their obligations under the regulations
  • monitoring compliance – undertaking both planned and responsive inspections and investigations
  • verifying compliance – documentation and laboratory checks
  • addressing non-compliance – through voluntary action, through civil enforcement, including withdrawal and recall of products from the market, and through prosecution in the event of serious offences being committed.

How we monitor the market

To monitor energy related products in the market, Authorised Officers of the MSA carry out regular checks. This includes the following:

  • conducting detailed compliance assessments of products
  • visiting retailers to undertake labelling inspections
  • monitoring online platforms
  • monitoring advertisements

We regularly publish reports from our inspections. These reports can be found in the ' Market surveillance campaign reports' section of specific category pages for appliances, building services products, IT-related products, lighting products, tyres, and fans, motors and more.

EU Legislation

EU legislation around energy labelling and ecodesign has been created to improve the energy efficiency of products on the EU market.

The EU Energy Labelling Regulation (EU 2017/1369) sets out the responsibilities of manufacturers and retailers. It is supported by further regulation for each product which specify the information to be displayed on the energy label. As the MSA, we are working to promote energy efficiency measures on the Irish market, as well as monitoring compliance.

As the MSA, we are enforcers of these regulations. We are bound by the following regulatory documents:

Establishes a framework for setting ecodesign requirements for energy-related products.

Requires labelling and standard product information for energy use and other resources by energy-related products.

Irish Regulations

Recent updates

EPREL Verification process

The European Product Register for Energy Labelling (EPREL) now requires mandatory verification for all suppliers. This ensures data accuracy and product compliance within the EU market. To continue registering products on the EPREL platform, you must complete the verification process before the deadline.

Learn more about these requirements: EPREL platform verification process updates

New One-Stop-Shop portal from the EU Commission

Explore the recently launched one-stop-shop portal dedicated to energy-efficient products and aimed a different stakeholders.

Homepage - European Commission (europa.eu)


Report non-compliance

If there is an energy related product on the Irish market that doesn't meet EU energy labelling and ecodesign requirements, you can report it to us by filling out the form below. By working together, we can make the energy market more efficient and competitive.

Please note that we will not follow up on allegations of non-compliance that are not supported by evidence.