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Energy you use every day

Think about the energy you use every day… taking a shower, cooking food, listening to music, charging your phone, traveling to school .. and it doesn't stop there. Energy is used at home for heating, lighting, cooking, laundry and at school for interactive whiteboards, photocopiers and computers. Energy is even used to produce, package and transport the clothes you wear and the food you eat. 

Most of the energy used in Ireland comes from fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases causing climate change.

How can you make a difference?

There are lots of ways to use less energy, save money and take action against climate change. Research our topics below and choose one you would like to base your One Good Idea on.

Topics and factsheets

We have compiled a list of research topics for both primary and post primary students. Choose a topic that you find particularly interesting and download the factsheet for more helpful information. Let's get started!

The children became so enthusiatic about saving energy that parents were telling me that they were made to feel bad at home if they didn't follow the energy saving tips for washing clothes and airdrying.
Teacher, Castlegar N.S.

Start your project

It's time to get working on your project. Can you create an exciting film to inspire inspire others to make simple changes in the way they use energy every day? How are you going to promote it and spread the word?

Join the movement and encourage people to use, less use renewable and to take climate action! What’s your One Good Idea?

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Youth of Ireland talking about Climate Change

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