SEAI has a specialist statistics team which was set up in 2002. We collect and publish national energy statistics for Ireland.

Informing evidence based decision making

The SEAI statistics team is part of the Data & Insights Department under the Research and Policy Insights Directorate. The statistics team inform evidence based decision making and sustainable energy solutions. We provide policy relevant research, guidance, robust evidence and statistics.

Our core functions

The core functions of the statistics team are to:

  • Collect, process and publish energy statistics to support policy analysis and development in line with national needs and international obligations
  • Conduct statistical and economic analyses of energy services sectors and sustainable energy options
  • Contribute to the development of appropriate sustainability indicators

Production of statistics

SEAI is the source for official energy statistics in Ireland. We fulfil the legal reporting obligations to Eurostat and the International Energy Agency. We also provide source data to calculate emissions from energy use. This is used for the national emissions inventory under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Users may sometimes request data in a customised format. We fulfil these requests where possible. If there is confidentiality issues, we may aggregate or anonymise the data.

Energy questionnaires

Our statistics team respond to energy questionnaires, particularly where it fulfils Irish obligations. We complete around 200 questionnaires each year, including:

For Eurostat / IEA under the EU Energy Statistics Regulation Monthly
Electricity and gas prices prices data to Eurostat Half yearly
Energy prices and taxes to the IEA Quarterly
CHP statistics to Eurostat Annually
Statistics on residential energy consumption to Eurostat Annually
Data on electricity & heat, coal, natural gas, and renewables to the IEA / Eurostat Annually
Mini questionnaires on electricity & heat, coal, and natural gas to the IEA / Eurostat Annually
Irish Market Competition Indicators for electricity and natural gas to Eurostat Annually
Energy balance tables for the SLT data Annually

Contact us

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