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The SEAI statistics team publish high quality, robust energy statistics. Below are our main statistical publications.

National Energy Balance

Our primary statistical release is Ireland’s National Energy Balance. The energy balance is an accounting framework for energy statistics presented in energy units (ktoe, TJ, GWh). It shows the flow of energy from production and transformation to total final consumption, in the form of a table.

Visit the National Energy Balance report page

Energy in Ireland

Our annual publication presents energy statistics on energy production and consumption in Ireland. The report looks at energy trends and underlying drivers. It also examines sectoral consumption, and our progress towards renewable targets.

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Energy Security in Ireland 2020

This report is the sixth in a series reviewing energy security in Ireland. It provides a comprehensive overview of the wide range of issues relevant to energy security in order to inform a better understanding of energy security and the complex interactions between it and the other pillars of energy policy, that is, sustainability and competitiveness. It is intended to inform debate and provide context and information to the policy community, energy market participants, investors and the public.

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Energy-related CO₂ Emissions in Ireland 2005 – 2018

The full report presents the latest national data on energy-related CO₂ emissions in Ireland from 2005 to 2018. It looks at CO₂ emissions from fossil fuel use, emissions by sector, ETS and non-ETS energy related CO₂ emissions and then CO₂ emissions avoided through use of renewable energy.

Visit the Energy-related CO₂ Emissions in Ireland report page

Renewable Energy in Ireland

Ireland is not on track to meet our 2020 renewable energy targets. The 2019 report presents the latest national data and looks at how Ireland compares to other EU countries.

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Energy in the Residential Sector

This report presents statistics on energy use in the residential sector. It shows trends in energy demand and associated carbon emissions. It also examines how Ireland is performing compared to international household energy use. View key insights from our findings or download the report.

Visit the Energy in the Residential Sector report page

Half-Year Review - Ireland’s Energy and Related Emissions

The ‘half-year review’ of the electricity-generated, oil-delivered, and gas-supplied into the Irish market in the first 6-months of 2023 compares data from this period to what has been observed in previous years.

Download the half year review