DEAP4 provides a new and improved user experience for producing Building Energy Ratings.

About DEAP4

DEAP4 is a new web-based technology, accessed through your browser and introduces improvements to the software user interface. This new technology allows greater potential for future developments benefiting both assessors and homeowners alike.

Benefits of DEAP4

An end-to-end solution

Not only does DEAP4 help assessors calculate energy performance, it is a complete solution for managing surveys, performing assessments, requesting BER certificates, and managing client communications.

Informed by assessors

DEAP4 offers a more rationalised interface, simplified user experience, and a better service for clients. No more inputting the same information in multiple fields, fewer table look-ups, no more calculating values - you input the raw data and the system does the calculation.

Always on, always connected, always up-to-date

Access your surveys from your browser - no need to store and back-up your XML files. To keep up with new building technologies and legislative changes, SEAI will be able to deploy more frequent updates to the DEAP methodology with less disruption to assessors.

A new approach

A survey now records what the assessor actually observed on the survey, room by room, making it easier for clients to understand and accept the findings. The system can hold all the evidence for the survey, reducing the need for assessors to store and back-up data after the assessment is complete. Assessors can choose to provide access to clients, who can then clarify areas of doubt. Assessors can use previous surveys as a template, and re-use previously entered library items, speeding up data entry

DEAP4 information materials


DEAP4 Videos

  1. Welcome to DEAP4
  2. Room and Library features
  3. Building System
  4. Conversations

DEAP4 Webinar

This webinar was broadcast on 23 April 2018 and provided a live demonstration of DEAP4. If you missed it, here's your chance to view it. Watch the DEAP4 webinar.



DEAP4 E-zine

Looking for an introduction to DEAP4? The DEAP4 e-zine and accompanying videos outline the new functionality of the DEAP4 software and how it will benefit you.

DEAP4 Step Guide

The DEAP4 Step Guide provides a step-by-step guide on how to carry out a complete BER assessment using the DEAP4 software.


For queries relating to the DEAP4 software, check the DEAP4 FAQs for answers to your questions.