Have you been involved in an innovative energy research project that has contributed to Ireland’s clean energy future? The winner will receive a €10,000 bursary prize.

Ashleigh Environmental - winners of the Research Award 2019

About the Award

SEAI are seeking applications from organisations that have researched and developed innovative energy-related technologies, processes or systems, which will contribute significantly to Ireland’s clean energy transition.

Who should apply?

Applications are welcome from private enterprises; Universities, Institutes of Technology and state funded research organisations; or public sector/semi-state bodies involved in impactful energy research and innovation

Previous project finalists under this category include:

Ashleigh environmental

Ashleigh Environmental have developed an advanced hydrolysis technology for the global bioenergy market. Biowave™ is a disruptive microwave pre-treatment system to valorise organic by-products within an anaerobic digestion system. The microwave system has proven to improve biogas yields by over 20% and reduces process reaction time. Microwaves offer significant energy transfer efficiency compared to conventional pre-treatment technologies and the modularity of the system lends itself to be a bolt-on for an existing biogas plant or in the construction of new plants. The Biowave™ system has been demonstrated at an industrial pilot scale for the Agri biogas market and the company are now developing exciting applications across the broader bioenergy market including industrial and municipal waste sectors. So far, successful applications of microwave technology have been primarily in the synthesis of high-value compounds like pharmaceuticals and the sterilization of hazards, but now offer a highly compelling value proposition in the production of renewable energy from organic waste streams.

Dŵr Uisce

The Dŵr Uisce project, a cross-border research collaboration between Trinity College Dublin and Bangor University, aims to improve the efficiency of water distribution by developing new low carbon energy-saving technology, including micro-hydropower turbines.

The new low-cost micro-hydropower technology comprises the development of a pump-as-turbine in-pipe hydropower solution. A pump-as-turbine design software tool was developed on the basis of a number of mathematical formulations and using a large database of pump performance information. The pump was adapted to run in reverse to produce rather than consume energy.

The technology was validated in a full-scale laboratory test and achieves power production at 5-15 times less cost than conventional devices. The demonstration plant was installed in February 2019 and the Blackstairs GWS is donating the cost savings to the water charity Wells for Life.


NovoGrid has developed, proven and patented GridViz, a software platform that provides real-time grid visibility of power flows at the grid edge. This enables utilities & generators to gain real time visibility and controllability of their assets much more efficiently. GridViz uses non-iterative, direct calculations performed locally at remote network locations in real-time, which can then be used to action local controls or be fed back to a control centre for centralised control/management functions. The platform will be of interest to wind farm owners or electricity network operators around the world and their goal is to break into the European and North American markets.


Application guidelines

  1. Please submit your application online by 5pm Friday 18th June.
  2. You are eligible to apply under more than one category. Simply follow the online guidelines and copy and paste your application to a new category and amend your answers as appropriate.
  3. Please ensure all mandatory fields are completed before you hit submit.
  4. Please complete the 'Data' section to the best of your ability.
  5. Once you submit, you can still edit your application up to the deadline date.
  6. Please keep attachments to 5MB or less.
  7. Shortlisted applications will be announced in August.
Top tips for an award winning application

Have you been involved in an innovative energy research project that has contributed to Ireland's clean energy future? Apply now to the #SEAIAwards2021 #Research category.

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