SEAI provide funding through strategic and collaborative partnerships with other national and international funding agencies. Below we provide an overview of these funding opportunities.

Open funding opportunities

2021 Joint Call – Accelerating the Heating and Cooling Transition

The Joint Programming Platform Smart Energy Systems (JPP SES), in cooperation with the GEOTHERMICA ERA-Net network, launched a Joint Call 2021 for proposals for transnational projects on the 31st May 2021.

This Joint Call 2021 seeks to accelerate the heating and cooling transition by bringing together national and regional programmes aimed at energy systems integration and technological progress in the various heating and/or cooling technologies. 17 national funding agencies from 15 countries and regions are invloved. To review the full Call text please click Here

The total available budget is approximately €32.5 million. A wide geographic spectrum is encouraged, consortia must include at least three eligible applicants from at least two participating countries,  

The deadline for submission of pre-proposals to ESS is the 4th of October 2021

The deadline for submission of SEAI National pre-proposal application is the 8th of October 2021

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Call Aims

This Joint Call aims to foster the integration of existing technology as well as technology development for clean energy. Proposals should aim to develop innovative solutions or new concepts for one or more of the following challenges: 

including subsurface (shallow and deep geothermal, solar thermal, and other sources of renewable heating and cooling) and utilisation of local and regional excess resources.

This includes short time and seasonal thermal storage options and innovations for heating and cooling networks, and conversion technologies such as heat pumps to distribute the heating and cooling and adjust the temperature level where needed.

including aspects of sector coupling, smart integration and control tools which shall leverage synergies and utilise flexibilities in locally and regionally available energy sources, the local and regional infrastructures, as well as the user and consumer structures from different sectors (including, e. g. communities, industrial facilities, or the transportation system) and related consumption patterns.

Ireland Based Applicants

There are two funding bodies to which Irish organisations may apply; SEAI and GSI (Geological Survey Ireland). Please note that SEAI can support a range of topic areas related to the call, whereas GSI will support geothermal energy related projects only. Proposals can include requests for funding from SEAI and/or GSI, however please note that individual organisations can only request funding from one or other national funder, as relevant. Please carefully read all related documents and terms and conditions - in particular national rules for Ireland within Appendix 1 of the Full Joint Call Text. All applicants must contact the National Contact Point in advance of submitting an application.

The submissions take place over two stages: preproposal and full proposal. Included in the pre-proposal requirements for SEAI is a national pre-proposal application to verify national eligibility (Deadline 8th of October 2021). The total SEAI budget available is €500,000, and the maximum SEAI funding available per project is €200,000. For GSI requirements, please see the GSI Website.

Key Dates

Key Dates 
Call Opening 31 May 2021
Matchmaking Portal Open 31 May - 04 October 2021
Deadline Submission of pre-proposals 04 October 2021
SEAI Pre-proposal deadline 08 October 2021 16.00 BST
Deadline Submission of full proposals 31 January 2022
SEAI Full proposal Deadline 07 February 2022 16.00 BST
Deadline funding decision feedback June 2022
Expected project start September 2022

SEAI National Energy RD&D Funding Programme

The overarching objectives of the SEAI National Energy Research, Development and Demonstration Funding Programme are as follows, to:

  • Accelerate the development and deployment in the Irish marketplace of competitive energy-related products, processes and systems;
  • Support solutions that enable technical and other barriers to energy market uptake to be overcome;
  • Grow Ireland's national capacity to access, develop and apply international class energy RD&D;
  • Provide guidance and support to policy makers and public bodies through results, outcomes and learning from supported projects.

Please review the SEAI RD&D Budget Policy for further guidance on the programme budgetary policies and financial requirements, including further guidance in relation to eligible costs and funding rates.

For more information, please see our FAQ document or contact the National Contact Person (NCP): Niamh O’Sullivan;

Key Documents

Closed Calls

SFI Research Infrastructure Call 2021 in collaboration with SEAI

The SFI Research Infrastructure Programme supports the research community in building and sustaining the required infrastructural capacity to accomplish high-quality, high-impact and innovative research in areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics that demonstrably enhance and support enterprise competitiveness and societal development in Ireland. 

Applications to this Open Call will seek Strategic Research Infrastructures that focus on large-scale items in areas of national priority and in other areas of strategic opportunity.

The SFI Research Infrastructure Programme 2021 will be run in collaboration with SEAI. This partnership aims to support excellent scientific research that will contribute to Ireland’s transition to a clean and secure energy future. For further details of the Programme including

  • Programme Objectives
  • Programme Remit
  • Applicant Eligibility Criteria
  • Call Documents and
  • How to Apply

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