To register as a BER assessor, you must agree to follow the BER assessor Code of Practice.

Step 4. Agree to the BER/DEC assessor code of practice.

Code of Practice

This Code of Practice applies to domestic and non-domestic BER assessors and DEC assessors to which the Regulations apply. By registering as a BER/DEC assessor, a person is committed to abide by this Code. Failure to comply with this Code can lead to suspension or termination of registration by SEAI.

The primary objective of this Code is to ensure that BER/DEC assessors have a clear understanding of their obligations to deliver a high-quality service in the marketplace.

This Code details the roles and responsibilities of BER/DEC assessors and SEAI for domestic, non-domestic and public buildings, to ensure the delivery of a technically proficient and timely service to clients, with high standards of professional conduct.

A link to the SEAI BER/DEC assessor Code of Practice can be found here.  

CPD Policy

SEAI recognises the importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in maintaining and raising assessor’s professional standards.

CPD is the process of regularly assessing current and future skills and knowledge requirements relevant to assessor responsibilities, then planning and implementing an ongoing programme of training and development to address these needs. It is designed to help position assessors to keep pace with changing technologies and to target specific needs to enable assessors to learn collaboratively and independently. 

By agreeing to the Code of Practice all assessors commit to ongoing self-improvement.

A link to the SEAI BER assessor CPD policy can be found here.

Quality Assurance Processes

Quality assurance forms an important part of the BER/DEC Scheme. The BER Quality Assurance (QA) System is used to continuously monitor the quality of BER assessments published by BER/DEC assessors. It also ensures widespread operational compliance with the BER assessor's Code of Practice.

The following methods are used to maintain the quality assurance of BER and DEC.