This colour coded map of Ireland allows you to zoom into small geographical areas of Ireland and explore Building Energy Rating (BER) information for clusters of homes.

About the map

We have developed a BER map of Ireland that will give you access to building energy information on dwelling clusters within Ireland. This map has been designed to showcase the benefits of using geo-located BER data. The underlying data has also been provided below to allow others to undertake their own analysis and mapping projects.

The data was originally collected by BER Assessors when they completed a BER assessment using the Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP) software.

The small area clusters on the map correspond to ‘Small Areas’ as defined by the Central Statistical Office. Small Areas are areas of population generally comprising between 80 and 120 dwellings created by The National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA) on behalf of the Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) in consultation with CSO. The map only contains Building Energy Rating Information at the Small Area level for dwellings that have had a BER completed and where their address has been successfully geo-located using SEAI’s address matching algorithm.

Please note that the current BER Map only contains information on 33% of the total Irish residential dwelling stock. Although the information is very accurate, in some cases, the number of successfully mapped dwellings in a Small Area can be a relatively small proportion of the total number of dwellings in that area.

Why use the BER map

  • You can use the map to identify clusters of homes with a poor BER (suggestive of poor levels of insulation and or poor heating system).
  • You can also use the map to understand heating demand / electrical demand in a given area. This would be very useful for planning purposes. For example, the map can identify areas where district heating projects may be efficient.
  • You can use the map to inform geo-targeting of interventions to encourage more people in an area with generally poor BERs to consider retrofitting their home.
  • You are also free to use the map, and the underlying data provided, for other research or commercial purposes, subject to providing credit to SEAI when used.

How it works

The BER Map displays colour coded ‘Small Areas’. The colour of a given small area represents the BER rating of the median geo-located dwelling in that small area. The medians were derived from all geo-located dwellings with a BER in that particular Small Area. For example, Small Areas that are green represent areas with a ‘good’ median BER rating. Small Areas with dwellings that have a poor median BER are either red or purple. If a Small Area has no colour, it means that no information is available for the particular Small Area.

Step 1

Click on any coloured Small Area and a popup window will appear. This will generate a summary of statistics including the number, and percentage of dwellings with:

  • A given dwelling type (detached, semi-detached, mid-terraced, end-terraced, ground-floor-apt, mid-floor-apt, top-floor-apt)
  • A given BER rating (A1 to G)
  • A given heating fuel type (electricity, oil, gas, LPG, solid fuel, biomass, community heating)
  • A given type of heating controls (poor, good, ideal)

The window will also display the total number of dwellings in that Small Area as measured by GeoDirectory (a database of Irish addresses), the total number of dwellings with a BER, and the median BER of all geo-located dwellings in that area.

Step 2

To search for a specific address location, use the search button (Search - 1) located in the top left corner of the map section. To search for a specific Small Area, use the search button (Search - 2) located in the top left corner of the map section.

Step 3

You can also filter by the percentage of total dwellings that have successfully geo-located BERs completed in a Small Area. To operate the filter simply type in the desired minimum percentage. For example, if you only want to display small areas where at least 10% of the housing stock in that area have had a BER and been successfully geo-located, simply type 10 into the filter and the map will update.

Step 4

You can also use the “Select BER” section to only turn on/off areas with a certain median BER. For example, if you only want to see Small Areas where the median BER is either an E, F, or G, simply turn off the filters for A, B, C and D.

Download the data files

The underlying data that helped to produce this map is available here for research and commercial uses. The data files contain detailed Building Energy Rating information on successfully geo-located dwellings at the Small Area level. A codebook has also been provided below to explain the variable names, provide definitions, and detail the ranges of values possible for each variable.


Please note that the information supplied is not representative of the entire residential dwelling stock in Ireland. The map only contains approximately 33% of all Irish residential dwellings. As a result, some Small Areas are represented using a low number of dwellings and the process of geo-locating comes with a 2% error rate. This has also resulted in a small number of dwellings placed under an incorrect Small Area. SEAI accepts no liability to any third party for any loss or damage arising from any interpretation or use of the information contained in this map, or reliance on any views expressed therein.


Public disclosure authorised. Please credit SEAI.