The public sector is leading the way for energy efficiency in Ireland. Reaching the 2030 targets requires radical action, and we are here to help.

National energy efficiency obligations

Encouraging and supporting all public bodies to reach 2030 targets set by the Climate Action Plan (CAP) 2021 is the primary focus of SEAIs Public Sector Programmes. Achieving the 2030 targets will require a renewed effort and long-term strategic planning to secure resources and investment.

Energy efficiency improvements

Every public service organisation is required to achieve a 50% energy efficiency improvement by the end of 2030. Our Partnership Programme aims to work with organisations who commit to achieving the target. We can help you achieve greater savings and reduce your energy use.

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Reduction in energy related GHG emissions

One of the primary targets outlined by the Climate Action Plan 2021 (CAP 21) is a 51% reduction in energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030. Public bodies and sector must take decisive action to ensure that this target is achieved.

Energy management programmes

Energy management programmes must be embedded in every public sector organisation. Over the next decade, all public bodies will need to implement a structured energy management programme, engage adequate resources, and have an ongoing investment programme in energy management and energy-saving actions.

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Display Energy Certificate (DEC)

Public sector buildings over 250m2 must have a Display Energy Certificate to clearly show their energy use and Building Energy Rating. There are supports available under the Public Sector Programme to assist organisations in improving their rating.

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Annual Energy Statement

Public bodies are legally obliged to publish annual statements describing the actions they are taking to improve their energy performance. The format of the statement is specified by SEAI.

National energy targets

The 2021 annual report on Public Sector Energy Efficiency Performance covering 2020 shows that public bodies have saved €1.8 billion and 6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions through avoided energy use between 2009 and 2020. The public sector is 34% more energy efficient than in 2009 and exceeded its 33% energy efficiency target for 2020.

  • 51%

    Reduction in GHG emissions by 2030
  • 50%

    Improvement in energy efficiency by 2030

Procurement practices

Under Green Public Procurement, all public bodies must implement energy efficient procurement practices for equipment and facilities.

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