Find out if your business is eligible for a €2,000 voucher towards the cost of a professional energy audit.

What an energy audit involves

An energy audit is an important step for businesses that want to save money, save energy, and enhance their brand. An energy audit may be carried out on buildings, processes, or systems and it is a three-step process which involves preparation, a site visit and reporting. The audit report that compiles the findings will help you to understand:

  • how much energy your business uses
  • the equipment and processes that use the most energy
  • what actions you should take to save energy, and their estimated cost and impact

Benefits of an energy audit

Invest with confidence

Following the audit, you will have the information you need to help make prudent investments in energy saving measures and renewable technologies.

Future-proof your business

Large businesses are under pressure to support their supply chain in reducing their climate impact. Increasingly, investors take account of environmental risks and impacts in their decision making. An energy audit will help to prepare you for these changes and future-proof your business.

Our standards

All of the Registered Energy Auditors on SEAI's list meet rigorous standards. You can be confident that you will receive a high quality audit and professional service.

Support Scheme for Energy Audits

SEAI’s Support Scheme for Energy Audits (SSEA) will offer SMEs a €2,000 voucher towards the cost of a high quality energy audit. In most cases, this will cover the total cost of the audit. Application to the scheme is easy, with automatic approval for eligible businesses.


Businesses applying to the scheme must be:

  • non-obligated entities
  • tax compliant
  • registered in the Republic of Ireland
  • spend at least €10,000 on energy (exclusive of transport energy costs) per year at the site being audited
  • There is a limit of 1 audit voucher per Applicant/Company

Definition of non-obligated entities

Non-obligated entities are organisations that do not have to complete an energy audit under Article 8 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (transposed into Irish legislation in SI426). Non obligated entities are either:

  • small and medium enterprises (SMEs), or
  • public sector bodies with a useful floor area less than 500m2 and spending less than €35,000 per year on energy

If you are not sure whether your business is an SME, or if you are a linked enterprise, please review the definition to ensure that you are eligible for the scheme.

Application process

You can apply online and the voucher will be issued to you automatically provided that you meet the eligibility requirements.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Select an energy auditor from our list of Registered Energy Auditors. Ensure that the auditor is participating in the SSEA (check column X). When you contact the auditor they will ask for a few key details about your business and will confirm the cost of the audit.
  2. Register with your name and contact details and complete our online form
  3. The voucher, containing your Application Number, is issued to you automatically by email
  4. Schedule the audit with your auditor
  5. The audit takes place
  6. Your auditor issues the report to you and claims payment from SEAI
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