Find out how energy efficiency will help to strengthen your business, save money and enhance your brand.

  • 3 months

    Payback period and €815 saved annually after an electronics manufacturer invested €225 in lighting occupancy sensors
  • €24,000

    Saved annually by Sun Life Financial after replacing lighting with LEDs, T5 tubes and occupancy sensors
  • €6,570

    Plus 36 tonnes of CO₂ saved annually by a textile manufacturer after installing inverter drives on its production lines

What is energy efficiency

In very simple terms, energy efficiency means using less energy to get the same job done. Using less will energy will result in lower energy bills and less pollution. Many products, homes, and buildings use more energy than they actually need, through inefficiencies and energy waste.

While gas and electricity may not be your biggest bills, price volatility means that it’s well worth taking a closer look at your energy expenditure. The Government’s projections suggest energy prices will continue to increase. By implementing energy efficiency measures, your business can take control of its energy use, limit avoidable losses and reduce bills.

Based on experience, the average SME could reduce its energy bill by up to 30% by implementing energy efficiency measures. Typically, 10% saving can be achieved with little or no capital cost.

Why invest in energy efficiency?

Increase competitiveness

Being more energy efficient will help your business to:

  • lower your running costs and increase profit margins
  • protect your business from current and future risks, such as increasing energy costs and carbon tax
  • win new business, as large businesses and public sector organisations tighten their supplier requirements

Boost reputation

Committing to reduce your climate impact will help your business to:

  • improve staff morale, as employees across all sectors increasingly want to work for employers who are climate-aware
  • retain employees, as improved staff morale also increases staff retention
  • meet customer expectations around sustainability

Elevate branding

Making a commitment to save energy and reduce emissions will help your business attract and grow your base of customers whose interest in climate change and sustainability has grown hugely in recent years

Protect the environment

Businesses in Ireland account for around 13% of the country's greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing the energy that your business uses will reduce your carbon emissions and help minimise your environmental impact.

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