This competition is all about having an idea and creating an exciting film and awareness campaign around it. Be as creative as you can to make people take notice of your project and inspire them to take action!

Time to get started

We are delighted to provide you with some tips and tools to help you:

  • Research your idea
  • Plan and run an effective awareness campaign
  • Promote your idea and your film
  • Create your storyboard (stage 1)
  • Make a Film (stage 2)
  • Pitch your project and present to the judges!

Research tools

Research is an important part of this project. You need to know what the situation is before you can start to make a change. The downloads below will give you guidance on how to carry out research.

Campaign tools

Now that you have decided on your topic and done your research it is time to get working on your campaign. These downloads will help you with the following:

Creating a 1 minute film

Time for all your budding Stephen Spielbergs to get working! You don't need any special equipment to do shoot your film, a smartphone or tablet will be sufficient. Before you do that you will need a script and a storyboard. Thisa is so you will know what and where to shoot. The following will help you though this process.

Note: A completed storyboard must be submitted at Stage 1 Campaign Proposal.

Further information