Is your community group ready to learn more? Join the network to identify and achieve your sustainable energy community goals.

When to join

Once you establish your community group, take the next step and join the sustainable energy network.  At this point it is ideal if your group includes a wide range of energy users in your community.

Benefits of joining

You will be assigned a local mentor who can provide guidance and support. Your community will be able to learn about energy technologies and solutions. This will help you to start thinking about energy use in your own community in an informed way.  Your mentor will be able to share solutions and examples from other communities similar to your own. 

How to join

To join the network you will need to fill in the registration form. We use this form to capture your key areas of interest and see how we can provide the right supports to you. It helps:

  • Your mentor to develop the right information for you.
  • SEAI to organise visits or introductions with nearby communities who share your interests.

Your steering committee can change your structure and aims as your community develops. So there is no need to worry about this when completing the form.

Join the network

You will need

Man and woman in conversation at a meeting