This section provides BER assessors with additional support, tools and guidance about publishing BER certificates to the BER Register.

Publication process

To publish a BER and advisory report to the BER register, an assessor must do the following.

  1. Complete the assessment in DEAP including all required evidence
  2. Click on the “Advisory Report” button on the left-hand side bar in DEAP and review all the validation notices and errors
  3. Send the assessment to NAS
  4. Generate the Advisory Report and proceed to the final publication

Read on for more on what each status means in NAS.

Status in NAS explained

When an assessment is uploaded to NAS, it is given a status. Find out what each status means and what you should do.

What this means

The assessment has been uploaded to NAS from the DEAP Software but has not yet been published on the BER Register. Assessments submitted to the NAS are put through validation checks to highlight any unexpected data. If any are found, assessors will receive a warning notice.


Assessors should correct any unexpected data caused by human error. They should then resubmit the assessment to be published.

What this means

The BER assessor has reviewed and resolved any errors or notices associated with the NYP status and then published the BER.


When the BER status changes from NYP to Published, the BER publication levy is applied and the BER assessor can generate the Advisory Report. The BER Certificate and Advisory Report are then made available as pdfs in the BER Assessor NAS account.

What this status means

SEAI may revoke a BER Certificate and Advisory Report where it has reasonable grounds for believing that the BER was not issued or completed in accordance with S.I. 243 of 2012 and the BER assessor Code of Practice.

What this status means

SEAI may withdraw a BER Certificate and Advisory Report for administrative reasons. This includes when there are errors in the dwelling address.

What this status means

Unexpected or unusual data may cause a Warning Notice to be generated when the assessment is uploaded to NAS. Warning notices are ranked from 1 to 3 with 1 indicating the highest potential impact on the assessment.


If the unexpected data reflects the dwelling being assessed, the assessor can ignore the validation notices and publish the assessment on the BER Register.

In accepting to publish the BER rating on the BER Register, a BER assessor is accepting to publish the BER in accordance with the DEAP methodology and the BER Assessor’s Code of Practice.

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