Complete the relevant registration form below to become an SEAI registered BER / DEC Assessor. Ensure you send the required documentation with your application.

Step 3: Complete the BER registration form

Once you have fulfilled the pre-qualification criteria and completed the BER Assessor Training Courses, please complete the relevant BER Assessor Registration Form.

In order to complete the Registration Form, you must have the required insurance policies, provide a Tax Clearance Certificate, complete the SEPA direct debit mandate, submit a certified ID, agree to pay the relevant registration fee by direct debit and accept the terms of the BER Assessor Code of Practice.

Domestic BER Assessors:

Domestic BER assessors are required to complete their registration application online using the online registration form. Please click on the below link to proceed with your domestic BER assessor application.

Online Domestic Registration Form

Please ensure that you have all your supporting documentation to hand before proceeding with your application as you will be unable to return to it at a later date. A useful checklist outlining the supporting documentation required to complete your application is available below.

Non-Domestic & DEC Assessors:

Applications for non-domestic and DEC assessors can be completed using the below ‘paper-based’ forms.

Once completed, please return your completed form to

•            Non-Domestic BER Assessor Registration Form

•            DEC Assessor Registration Form*

* Only Non-domestic BER Assessors may choose to become DEC Assessors.

Please note, that the Non-Domestic BER Assessor's default software is iSBEM. If you wish to change your software vendor, you will need to provide the BER helpdesk with your certification from the software vendor.

Completed non-domestic and DEC registration forms should be returned to

Alternatively, registrations may be posted to:

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland,
PO Box 135,
Co. Kerry.

Required supporting documents

1. BER Assessor Certificate of Insurance

The BER Assessor Certificate of Insurance form must be completed by a Registered Insurance Broker, Agent or Insurance Company licensed to issue cover in the Republic of Ireland, as approved by the Financial Regulator with the cover indicated below.

  • €6.5m Public/Products Liability
  • €1.3m Professional Indemnity
  • €13m Employers Liability (applies to employer/employee registrations only)
New applicants

Submit the certificate of insurance with your application form. You are required to submit this information when your insurance is renewed, amended or updated.

Registered Assessors

Email a scanned copy of the form to the BER Helpdesk. Include 'Insurance Certificate' and your Assessor Number in the subject.

2. SEPA Direct Debit Mandate

Fill in the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate to pay registration fees, subsequent annual renewal fees, and ongoing BER publication levies. View the schedule of fees.

3. Tax Clearance Certificate

Provide and maintain a valid Tax Clearance Certificate as part of your registration application.

New applicants

Submit the Tax Clearance Certificate with your application form, which may be requested from Revenue or your employer. You are required to submit this information when your Tax Clearance Certificate is renewed, amended or updated.

Registered Assessors 

Email a scanned copy of the Certificate to the BER Helpdesk. Include 'Tax Clearance Certificate' and your Assessor Number in the subject.

4. Drivers Licence or Passport

Provide a copy of a valid photographic ID (driver’s license or passport) that has been certified as valid by an Garda Siochana, Notary Public or Peace Commissioner.

5. Declaration and Signature for Payment

Domestic BER assessor applications require a signed Declaration & Signature for Payment form to be uploaded as part of the online registration form. This should be completed by you or your employer, whoever is the person responsible for the payment of registration and renewal of feeds and levies.

Registration checklist

Please ensure you have obtained and provided all of the relevant below documentation to submit alongside your BER and or DEC Assessor application.

All registrations requireDomestic BER AssessorNon-Domestic BERDEC Assessor

BER Assessor Certificate of Insurance

SEPA Direct Debit Mandate

Tax Clearance Certificate

Drivers Licence or Passport (certified copy)

Completed Domestic BER Assessor Online Registration Form

You have the appropriate an NFQ Level 6 Advanced Certificate/Higher Certificate in construction studies (or similar) or a recognised equivalent, and have provided a copy of the relevant certificate(s)/proof of qualification(s)

You have successfully completed the QQI 6N0732 Domestic BER Training Course and/or the Domestic BER Refresher Training Course (where applicable), have been fully certified by the relevant awarding body and have provided a copy of your certificate(s)

Non-Domestic BER Assessor Registration Form

You have the appropriate an NFQ Level 7 degree/qualification in a building or construction related discipline and have provided a copy of the relevant certificate(s)/proof of qualification(s); 

You have successfully completed the Non-Domestic BER Training Course, have been fully certified by the relevant awarding body and have provided a copy of your certificate; 

DEC Assessor Registration Form


Non-Domestic BER Assessor Number


You have completed the DEC Assessor Workshop facilitated by SEAI

Registration fees

  • A registration fee is required to register with SEAI as a Domestic BER Assessor or a Non-Domestic BER Assessor.
  • No fee is required to register as a DEC Assessor.
  • Registration is automatically renewed annually, and the registration renewal fee will be charged.
  • The registration and renewal fees and publication levies are published here.

Fees are paid by direct debit and no other payment methods are accepted. The direct debit for your registration and renewal fees, and BER publication levies will be collected on the 20th of the next month or the nearest working day thereafter. Fees paid to SEAI are non-refundable.

If you have any queries regarding the BER Scheme or the BER Registration processes, please contact:

Telephone: 01 808 2054


Employer status

Where an Employer (partnership, company or public body) offers BER assessment services to its clients through its Employees who are registered BER Assessors, the Employer can enter into a direct relationship with SEAI to assume the following Code of Practice obligations:

  • indemnification of SEAI in respect of liabilities arising as a result of Employee BER Assessor’s activities;
  • payment of registration fees and/or levies for registration of a BER Assessor and for publication of BER certificates issued on behalf of the Employer; and
  • retention and maintenance of all records, data and documentation as would be required to defend, should they be questioned, assessments carried out by the BER Assessor on behalf of the Employer.

Renewals and resigning from the scheme

Registration Renewals

Registration expires after one-year. Approximately one month before a BER Assessor’s registration is due for renewal, SEAI will issue a renewal notice. Renewal of registrations is subject to payment of fees, in-date insurance policies, and may be subject to additional educational or administrative requirements.

Resigning from the Scheme

A BER Assessor may resign from the scheme at any time by sending an e-mail from their registered e-mail address to Please note that registration and renewal fees paid to SEAI are non-refundable. If you wish to re-register as a BER Assessor at a later date, you will be subject to the relevant renewal fees. SEAI may, at its discretion, suspend or terminate the registration of a BER Assessor (see SI 243 of 2012 for further detail).

A registered BER Assessor who has resigned their registration, or whose registration has been suspended or terminated, must remove all reference to registration from their notepaper and property and shall not in any way represent themselves or their business as being registered with SEAI. If requested by SEAI, they must return all SEAI property including the BER Assessor registration certificate.