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A Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate rates your home's energy performance on a scale between A and G. A-rated homes are the most energy efficient while G-rated are the least energy efficient.

Find an existing BER

Building Energy Rating (BER) certificates are legally required if you are selling, renting or buying a home. Find out who needs a BER certificate and check to see if your property has one.

Find a BER for you

Get a BER assessment

A BER assessment is the first step on your energy efficiency journey. Find out what is involved in a BER assessment and how to prepare for it.

How to prepare for a BER assesment

Understand a BER

Find out what a Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate means for a property's energy efficiency and your energy bills.

Understanding a BER

Improve a BER

Improving your BER will increase the comfort, value and energy efficiency of your home. It will also reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions.

How to improve a BER

Guidelines for selling and renting

Find the requirements, guidelines and artwork for including a property's Building Energy Rating (BER) in any sale or rental advertisements.

Information on the guidelines for selling and renting

Domestic Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP)

BER Assessors use DEAP to publish Building Energy Rating (BER) certificates and advisory reports for homes

Learn more about the supports available

Support for BER Assessors

We support registered BER and DEC assessors with professional and technical guidance, training and software.

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Guide to Building Energy Ratings for Homeowners

Are you considering a home energy upgrade? This Guide explains the BER certificates and advisory reports for homeowners. Get help on deciding what improvements you should make and what the first step is to get a Building Energy Rating.

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BER Helpdesk

Contact us with any questions about your Building Energy Rating certificate.

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