Use our comprehensive national and sectoral data to understand energy production, transformation and consumption trends in Ireland.

Our energy statistics work

The data we provide is a vital input to meeting international reporting obligations, for advising policy makers and informing investment decisions. To do this we carry out the following:

  • Collect, process and publish energy statistics to support policy analysis and development in line with national needs and international obligations
  • Conduct statistical and economic analyses of energy services sectors and sustainable energy options
  • Contribute to the development and promulgation of appropriate sustainability indicators

BER statistics

Discover how many BERs are published every month and year in Ireland. This data is broken down by domestic and non-domestic BERs and grades.

Fuel costs

Get financial estimates on energy costs and energy spend using SEAIs up to date fuel cost comparison sheets. Published every quarter for the domestic and commercial sector.

Download the most recent Domestic fuel costs and commercial fuel costs.